Peace Helmet Project

Converting Ex-issue Police Riot Helmets into Works of Art

Auctioned Off for Humanitarian Causes

Waving a white flag (series one)

Ghalamdar Peace Helmet

international artists

A host of specially selected street art graffiti artists have been chosen to participate in this project. Big name artists that add weight to the final auctions.

WD Street Art Peace Helmet


Getting aid to people is our driving ambition. Generated profits fund direct action projects with different communities, foundations and organisations with boots on the ground.

Si2 Peace Helmet


The Peace Helmet Project generates collectible artworks with investment potential and tax benefits for art buyers. Each series is limited to 100 pieces.

The Project

Peace Helmets

British Riot Helmets Converted
Into Beautiful Artworks with
Profound Cultural Symbolism.


International Line-Up of
Street Art Graffiti Artists

1 %
Donated Funds

Generated Profits Go Directly
To The People That Need It

Who Benefits?

Global Village

The Peace Helmet Project can benefit communities in any space in the world. Bridging the gap between the far reaches of the third world and the European Union. No country is excluded from any of our campaigns. Selected non-profit companies, organisations or groups around the world, will be supported byway of funding, equipment or aid.

Start Up Companies

A number of smart start up non-profit companies are presenting viable concepts and products to improve the lives of communities, families, individuals and children.

Direct Action

What does it mean? Our hands on approach to collaborative projects with non-profit organisations ensures our funding goes directly to the intended parties. We aim to reach demographics the major charities overlook.

Potential Collaborations

Home Building Programs - School Programs - School Uniform Programs - Hire-a-Teacher Programs - Youth Arts Programs - Innovative Shoe Programs - Volunteer Doctor Programs - Bee Keeping Programs - Well Building Programs - Local Food Banks Solar Light Programs - Clean Water Programs - Animal Conservation Programs - Saving Forestry Programs - Recycling Programs

Waving White Flag Gallery

Dmark Peace Helmet

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