The Peace Helmet Project

This series is the first in a long line of art shows dedicated to the unifying theme of Peace. Each series features 100 helmets from different sectors of law enforcement or military departments. Helmets will be sought from various countries, as too will artists to paint or customise each helmet. The objective is to transform energies connected with helmets used in combat zones or crowd disorder operations and convert that energy into a theme born from creativity. Renowned and emerging artists from around the world will be invited to add their flare to a particular series. Finished Peace Helmets are to be exhibited in galleries or creative spaces for visitor’s review and media coverage.
The exhibits will then be made available for purchase via gallery, online auction or Peace Helmet website. Ninety percentage of any profits will be donated to humanitarian causes. The remaining ten percent donated towards the next Peace Helmet campaign.

The Peace Helmet Project provides a platform for artists to express themselves in a creative non-combative manner.

Our chosen medium is reflective of our world vision. Ex-issue police riot (crowd disorder) helmets converted into collectible works of art, made with love and auctioned off for the most worthy of international causes.

Wayne Anthony - Project Founder & Art Director

Wayne Anthony served as Goodwill Ambassador Rep.Ireland 2004 – 2005, when as a key member of an Irish steering committee, he helped shape the twinning of Lesotho in South Africa to County Kerry in Ireland. He was also tasked with flying to Lesotho in a bid to find suitable humanitarian projects seeking funding. Wayne spent four months travelling around Lesotho meeting principles from the royal family, government, community, education, health care, commerce, gender equality, and major child focused charities. Wayne’s final report helped the steering committee in Ireland to identify direct action projects they could fully fund with confidence. Wayne has spent the last ten years at the helm of London Street-Art Design Magazine. A unique position that has granted him access to a global community of celebrated artists that are willing to lend their skill-set to creative endeavours that aid a wider humanitarian cause.

Wayne Anthony With The Flying Doctors South Africa
Wayne Anthony With The Flying Doctors South Africa
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