EdTech for Rural Kids in South Africa

EdTech for Rural Kids in South Africa

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Every school should have access to the best educational technology and content, regardless of their location or financial circumstances. Yet 80% of schools in South Africa do not have access to the internet for teaching and learning. The edly CookieJar provides schools with little or no internet access to 99 educational apps and sites. By supporting this campaign you will be helping to bridge the digital divide by providing edly CookieJars to Path Onto Prosperity and Rural Education SA.

What is the solution?

Rather than waiting for some far-off day when everyone has a high-speed fibre or 5G connection to the internet, edly realised that the problem needs to be addressed now. The result is the edly CookieJar. The CookieJar is a managed computer that contains all the best educational apps, resources and content available on the internet. Schools simply need to plug the CookieJar into their local network and they have access to nearly 100 educational titles, like Thunderbolt Kids, all of Wikipedia, Khan Academy, and much more, all at fibre speeds, without having to upgrade their internet connection. The edly CookieJar also automatically updates the available titles, using whatever internet connection is available (even 2G/Edge) or a manual process via courier for those schools with no access to the internet at all. You can learn more about the edly CookieJar on their website.


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