Waving a White Flag

The world is currently undergoing mass change and upheaval in many sectors of our lives. Causing frustration among entire communities of people that either take to the streets in protest or show support on the internet. A common unifying theme is the blue line separating human beings and free will. Standing toe too toe, each side demonises its opponents, removing all traces of humanity so when the bell tolls they give no quarter. Creatives are born to manifest carbon energy into solid form, breathing life into inanimate objects. The Peace Helmet Project provided a platform for artists to express themselves in a creative non-combative manner.

Waving a White Flag

Stik | Peace Helmet

International Artists

International street art graffiti artists were invited to paint or customise a police riot helmet in the name of Peace and humanity.

Anger Conversion

The objective is to transform energies connected with helmets used in combat zones or crowd disorder operations and convert that energy into a theme born from Love & Creativity.

What's the Story?

The planned exhibition ‘Waving a White Flag’ celebrates Love, Life, Death & Hate through Peace.

Peace Helmets

Police officers were once known as Peace Officers. What better way to celebrate the history of crowd control byway of the Peace Helmet. 16 thought provoking exhibits produced by a diverse collective of creative souls. The once anonymous faces of street art graffiti let their voices be heard through contemporary art.

Xenz | Peace Helmet
Xenz (UK)

Street Artists

Street artists have changed urban environments by painting beautiful murals, thoughtful artworks or unique stick up art. Transforming local boroughs and undesired streets into outdoor galleries. Drawing visitors far and wide to neighborhoods once considered dangerous that now epitomises the hip and cool.

Stik | Peace Helmet
Stik (UK)

Graffiti Artists

Graffiti writers have propped up the culture since the early nineteen seventies. Galvanising emerging writers and artists with each generational shift. Pushing the letter form forward as paint companies produced specialised cans, caps and colours. Up and coming artists are keen to showcase newly found skills. Graffiti has always been about the life, nothing more nothing less.

Si2 | Peace Helmet
Si2 (UK)

Gallery or Warehouse

The Covid Virus is forcing the art world to change its business model. Major galleries are suffering from lack of funding and threats of closure. Waving a White Flag deserves its proper setting, if we can’t collaborate with the majors, we’ll bring the exhibition into gritty warehouse environments.

JF-Ink | Peace Helmet
JF-Ink (France)

Peace Helmets Customised Riot Helmets

Dmark | Peace Helmet
Dmark (Germany)
WD Street Art | Peace Helmet
WD Street Art (Indonesia)
Otto Schade | Peace Helmets Project
Otto Schade (Chile)
Kay One | Peace Helmets
Kay One (France)
Si2 | Peace Helmet
Si2 (UK)
Zadok | Peace Helmet
Dr Zadok (UK)
Xenz | Peace Helmet
Xenz (UK)
Charlie McFarley | Peace Helmet
Charlie McFarley (UK)
JF-Ink | Peace Helmet
JF-Ink (France)
NME | Otto Schade | Peace Helmets Project
Ghalamdar | Peace Helmet
Ghalamdar (Iran)
Stik | Peace Helmet
Stik (UK)
Gnasher | Peace Helmet
Gnasher (UK)
Carrie | Peace Helmet
Carrie Reichardt (UK)
My Dog Sighs | Peace Helmet
My Dog Sighs (UK)


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